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    Corporate Guiding Statements

    Corporate Purpose

    – To be a duplicable enterprise that continually improves the economic well-being and quality of life of all stakeholders and resident communities.

    Corporate Vision

    – To establish a profitable presence in every major U.S. market

    Corporate Mission

    – To continually earn the trust of our associates, our stakeholders, and our communities through principle-centered service.

    Puma Properties LLC was founded by Staten Island, NY local, Gerard Graci, with the goal of offering property buyers, sellers and investors a personalized and comprehensive “Client-For-Life” service. Recognizing that the single biggest asset & American Dream for most people is the family home, finding an accredited Realtor with local knowledge, experience and integrity is paramount, especially during uncertain economic times. Puma Properties LLC. is sensitive to educating first-time buyers and sellers while possessing the industry and market knowledge to guide seasoned investors.

    A carpenter-craftsman by training, Gerard started his real – estate career as the manager of Puma General Contracting Inc, which assisted in the acquisition, development and rehabilitation of residential properties throughout Staten Island and Brooklyn. Gerard later became a mortgage consultant for a prominent international brokerage, managing over 80 loan originators and structuring multi-million dollar developments and real estate investor packages. As a real estate consultant and entrepreneur, Gerard personally managed a diversified portfolio of office, strip and apartment projects, successfully turning around a score of distressed projects, and increasing his personal portfolio in addition to his client investors.

    At Puma Properties LLC, Gerard and his professional associates, negotiate all aspects of real estate from new construction to existing sales, including guidance on all processes, city approvals, agreements, zoning, building inspections, through to mortgage prequalification and financing. Providing Unique Market Access means we do not employ a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but focus on creating opportunities for each of our clients that is unique to them. This has led to a considerable referral business and created a solid base of purchasers for our sellers. We look forward to sharing the Puma service with you, so that your real estate decision as a buyer, seller or investor is informed, positive and rewarding.


    We have developed a set of systems and operational structures designed to:

    1.Build your professional education and sales. 

    We understand that increased sales come from educated associates.  That’s why we provide the most comprehensive training with the motto, “you must develop yourself before you can develop your business”. Every PUMA Associate will receive Hands-on Training through PUMA’s built-in Leadership support system engaging all sponsors to have a vested interest in their associates.  Unlike most real estate firms, All PUMA associates will always retain their own listing leads.  Our culture, training, and mentoring is what sets us apart.


    2. We enable you to build a team of real estate professionals.

    All Associates have a unique opportunity to achieve long-term passive income coupled with their personal sales commissions (PSC’s). You can choose to earn as a traditional sales associate or build your own business within the PUMA organization through our Sales Leadership Model (SLM). By developing your professional business leadership skills, you can optionally manage a team of real estate professionals and create additional revenue streams by sharing in profits through our Qualified Group Override System.  QGO’s are paid up to and including the first the same-level sales associates, with maximum percent payout at level 7+. Qualified associates will also benefit from additional 8% bonuses on Personal Sales Commission (PSC’s).

    Our Sales Leadership Model Ensures…

    • SALES COMPETENCE and PROFITABILITY before attempting to lead
    • A MARKET-REGULATED BALANCE between sales/organization growth
    • A MINDFUL LEAN towards quality service and quality people
    • Principle-centered, WIN-WIN leadership-by-example
    • Hands-On Training
    • Retirement Plan that is Sellable and Willable (share in company profits) at P-3
    • Accountability at every level (weekly MAV’s)
    • Opportunity to become a “Partner” based on performance
    • Rewards & Recognitions Programs Nationwide

    3. We provide an opportunity to become a business partner with Puma Properties.

    Once you’ve successfully built your team, you are offered the opportunity to participate in our nationwide partnership program, where Puma provides increased financial and professional support, which will further leverage your growth potential.

    Quarterly Associate Statement Letters from every Associate will consistently help develop PUMA’s systems and structures. This “Release” style of Leadership empowers all of our associates to voice their hands on experiences allowing the PUMA organization to grow holistically.